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The marriage between Buffet Crampon and Rigoutat is the union of two venerable centenarian and bi-centenarian families with an unrivalled savoir-faire who have always manufactured oboes and English horns. They have each made their own very special contribution to the world of double reeds.

The projection, precision, and evenness of tone of Buffet Crampon instruments and the highly recognizable sound signature of Rigoutat, offer a wealth of possibilities and styles to artists all over the world. Beginners, enthusiasts, experienced oboists, orchestral musicians, and international soloists can all find the oboe that suits them best from among a wide, varied range of quality instruments proposed by the two brands.

Our instrument makers and in-house musician testers work passionately day after day to conserve the individual identity and sound signature of each label. Innovation – at the heart of the Buffet Crampon Group – is a key value on which its longevity and growth depend.

With more than 1,000 oboes and English horns made every year, the “Buffet Crampon and Rigoutat” family is a world leader. The Group has a single production unit in Germany where Buffet Crampon Prodige oboes are produced. The workshops of Mantes-la-Ville are the location for the manufacture of Buffet Crampon and Rigoutat professional models as well as Riec oboes, the benchmark for a beginner’s oboe. And finally, our showroom on rue Montalembert in Paris is a unique space for discovering the entire range of both labels and caring for your precious instrument!

Welcome to the wonderful world of Buffet Crampon and Rigoutat oboes and English horns!

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Our craftsmen team welcomes you from Monday to Friday for adjustments and quick repairing.

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