• September

    9. September 2022 ab 9:00 Uhr

    ANNUAL MASTERCLASS – Calogero Palermo

    1 lesson per month from September 2022 till May 2023.

    900€ to pay in 1x or 3x.

    1st lesson : 9-20-23 September

    2nd lesson : 12-26-27 October

    3rd lesson : 7-17 November

    4rth lesson : 6-13-15 December


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  • Februar

    7. Februar 2023 ab 14:00 Uhr

    Vandoren Day

    Come by the showroom to meet Laurent Sultan from Vandoren, you’ll have a large choice of reeds, mouthpieces, ligatures and more to buy for your clarinets !
    14:00 – 17:00 : trials, sales and presentation of Vandoren products with Laurent Sultan. With the participation of Bruno Bonansea & Olivier Patey.
    17:00 – 17:30 : small duet with Bruno Bonansea & Olivier Patey.

    55/60 freie Plätze


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  • 7. Februar 2023 ab 17:00 Uhr

    Vandoren Day – concert

    Bruno Bonansea & Olivier Patey will give a small duet to close this Vandoren Day.
    From 2pm, you are welcome to try and buy reeds, mouthpieces and ligatures for your clarinets.

    30/30 freie Plätze


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Emilie welcomes you to repair your clarinet from small settings to complete repadding.
Come by to buy and choose in our large selection of clarinets, trombones and much more.

Buffet Crampon, Antoine Courtois, Besson, B&S, Hans Hoyer, Keilwerth, Melton Meil Weston, Powell, Rigoutat Scherzer, Schreiber.

Wij verwelkomen u graag om onze blaasinstrumenten te testen en te kopen. Klarinet reparaties.

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